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Joni Brown Special Memory October 21, 2012
 Wanted to share a special memory with you all.... This past summer Margaret came to visit me with the expressed desire to go shopping!  After lunch we took off to Kohl's... We spent hours trying on clothes & jewelry. I don't think we stopped talking for 9 hours! I was exhausted but Margaret was so happy with her purchases & savings that on the way home she treated herself to french fries & a cherry slurrpy!   She had such a positive attitude about her situation ...  We talked of many things. We reminisced about the hundreds of Easter eggs we filled & hid for the girls over the years....  I have always felt she was an angel on earth and I guess she's back home now... Her patience, kindness, intelligence and wit will be remembered in our hearts even though our hearts are heavy with the loss... I will cherish this special time I had with her....  Our deepest sympathies, Joni&Kelly
Robin DeNegri Such a sweet person October 17, 2012
Dear Sharlina and Shannon,
   Stunned to read of your mother's death this morning.  I will not make the memorial as I will be out of town.  She was such a nice person and so proud of you both.  She spoke of you often all those years she was my tenant.  My sister has received a condolence at her old address in Morgan Ranch and I would like to know where we can forward any mail for her?   You can send me an email at:   Robin
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